Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Corbin Seat for my Triumph

In preparation for our upcoming Nevada Ghost Towns and Hot Springs motorcycle trip I decide to pull the trigger on a new, custom Corbin seat. The stock seat wasn't too bad but it has a hard piece of rubber right under my $?!$&@! Which caused me to go numb after about 30 minutes of riding. Ya, not a good feeling... Or lack of feeling.

So I scheduled a "Ride In" at corbin and headed down to talk to them about something custom for my size, shape and riding style. Boy was I impressed!

Their attention to detail and care put into crafting this seat was unbelievable. I was there with two other guys and we all left with HUGE smiles and new seats. The ride home was I felt like a kid at Christmas playing with my new toy!! And the best part, when I got home there was nothing numb to complain about.

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