Monday, March 16, 2015

And here it is all wired in- thank you Internet for the wiring advice. Checkout the accessory shelf I had custom made for the bike (2013 vstrom dl650).

In the shelf I have a 12v socket (left side) that's wired in to the hidden oem heated grip plug- on the right side I wired in a plug with 2 USB ports- that one uses the other hidden oem accessory plug.

Both oem ports were wired in using aftermarket harnesses that click in to the ports- again, thank you Internet.

The dpst switch is connected to another harness that adds two relays to my headlight circuit- and that bypasses sending headlight electricity through the starter contacts.

This is a known weak link on vstroms. The harness sets it up the right way- and it included a switched circuit that allows me to cut off power to one of my headlights- giving me more juice for heated clothing.

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