Saturday, March 28, 2015

Diary Day 7: Hunting Hot Springs

By now John and I are on a rabid chase to track down 10 hot springs before our trip is over. So far we've soaked in:

1. Benton Hot Springs
2. Potts Hot Spring
3. Spencer Hot Springs
4. Ruby Lake Hot Spring
5. Duckwater Hot Spring
6. Hot Creek Hot Spring

This morning we woke up with the goal of hitting two more: Chimney and Fish Lake.

Our first target was a dud. Chimney Springs was covered over and fenced off. I was pretty bummed. We had been riding for hours, it was hot and I was getting tired of riding my big moto through the sandy gravel. 

But we didn't waste any time. We hit the highway for Tonopah to gas up. Then, just by chance, I stopped on the side of the road by an abandoned saloon and we stumbled on Warm Springs Hot Spring!

This pool is fed by a hot spring that runs down the hill. It was a nice warm soak and it made my day. We got number 7 and we're heading for number 8, Fish Lake. 

I almost passed up this spring because it was a little out of the way, but I'm glad I didn't... It was another amazing pool. 

The spring bubbles up and feeds the hot tub. Then it over flows to the first pond which is a nice warm soak and then on to the second pond. 

Again, we met some great campers who told stories and shared laughs. Eight hot springs down, two more to go!

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