Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Human Interactions

The hunt for hot water has been super fun but even better has been the chance meetings we've had with folks on the road.

Observation #1: Being on a motorcycle makes it easier to meet people. It just seems like folks are more likely to walk up and ask you what you're up to- that or they were just digging my leather pants.

Observation #2: There are lots of nice people in Nevada. We've just seemed to have meet really friendly, down to earth people out here in open country Nevada. 

Here's a short sample:

1. We had a run in with the cops. Specifically the California Highway Patrol- the guy was totally cool. All he wanted to do was get back onto a bike but he had been promoted so he was stuck in an SUV- he even tried to trade keys with me. He ended up giving us a route tip that put us on a fun road.

2. Mountain man Greg - he walked up the canyon to see what we were doing up there. He ended up hanging out for an hour telling us all kinds of cool stuff including the fact that mountain lion tastes good but only if its stomach is empty when you kill it. Good to know.

3. Benton crossing store clerk. I bought a six pack and she gave me free ice to cover the beer, "I ride too, honey, you gotta keep that beer cold".

4. Jessica the Inn Keeper who grew up in a town called Railroad Valley where there are no stores and it was an hour and a half bus ride- each way- to school. Her tip? "It's been so dry we've had a horrible tick problem- check yourself for them." Which gave us the instant eeby jeebies.

Tomorrow the search continues and I'm looking forward to the characters well meet along the way.

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