Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moab Diary: Day Zero.4.1

So I couldn't help myself. I got the new windshield mounted, and I mounted the rack and the new Pelican box. I love it.

So far everything went pretty smoothly. The CalSci windshield seems to perform well with little to no buffer. I need to take it up to some high speeds and see, but so far everything seems right. Now I'm off for a little moto through the mountains... You know, just to test my new equipment :)

Moab Diary: Day Zero.4

Delivery number 2 and 3 showed up today: my new CalSci wind shield and my rear cargo rack. I'll unpack the rack and get it on the bike in the next couple days. I got the CalSci wind shield on pretty quick... In the parking lot of my po box actually!! But I'll tighten everything up and give it a proper test and review. You can see it still has the plastic wrap on it to keep the bugs off while testing. Nice touch.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Moab Diary: Day Zero.3

Last month I was browsing around Cycle Gear in Gilroy and they had this UClear Bluetooth headset in sale. I've wanted to pick up a communicator but I've always been put off by the crazy prices. This UClear was on sale and overall I'm very happy with it. It connected easily to my iPhone and I slipped the speakers into my helmet speaker pockets. It's plenty loud without earplugs and its just loud enough to hear with my plugs in. I like that I can put on my MLB app and listen to the Giants while I'm riding home from work. I haven't had a chance to actually use it as a communicator yet since I don't have any friends with a UClear, but I plan on getting another one for my wife. She just got her Arai helmet and I'll fix that up with one this weekend and take her for a long ride.

Here's what it looks like on my helmet:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Moab Diary: Day Zero.2

I just got my first piece of Moab-related equipment. I've always wanted a Pelican case for my F650GS but I already have the side panniers and couldn't justify another box... But now I have a reason!! So I ordered the Pelican 1550 box through Amazon and it arrived today. I have a rack on order also, and I'll bolt it all up this weekend.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Moab Diary: Day Zero.1

I can't seem to stop thinking about this Moab trip... it has me in its grip.

I've been thinking a lot about the route and the amount of time we have planned to make it happen. Unfortunately, we only have a week. That wouldn't be bad, except half that time will be spent getting there and back. So I'm considering all the adventure in between. I don't want to race there, take a few pictures and race back. That's not what I love about these adventures...

The other thing that has me occupied is this blog... I think it would be nice to take my time and actually do some writing and video as this trip unfolds. Writing is a lot like riding... I enjoy the space between the words, the time when I get to ponder.

So, I hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to comment and get in touch. I'll do my best to stay connected.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moab Video Diary Day Zero

I'm going to try to keep a video diary for the Moab trip. Hers my first entry, day zero.

Moab Trip Planning

It's late August, 2013, and I just got a txt from my brother John. He has a few days off at the beginning of October and we are thinking about a moto trip out to Moab, Utah. I did a quick google maps route and this looks exciting! I'll post more as the trip starts to come together, but here's a snapshot of the possible routes.