Thursday, October 3, 2013

Moab Diary Day Three: Waking Up Half Frozen

So I made a pretty big miscalculation while packing my gear. I assumed the weather would be misty scorching hot with some cool nights. I packed light. About 3:00 am last night I thought I was going die. It was so cold I couldn't feel my feet.

But, we did find an amazing spot to camp up at the summit off the 14 just outside Cedar City Utah. See my previous post for details.

Today we are heading out through Bryce Canyon and deeper into the Utah wilderness. There are three great rides between here and Moab and we are going to hit them all. Our plan is to end up in the Glen Canyon National Recreation area. We think we can camp tonight down by a little town called bullfrog. Unless we get ambitious and head all the way to Moab.

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  1. Can't wait to get more details about the trip and especially see all the photos. Enjoy and be safe guys!