Friday, October 4, 2013

Moab Diary Day Four: Sunshine on Mt Hillers

I woke up this morning and heard my brother John rustling around. He said he wanted to watch the sun come up. Last night was a combination of rain, hail and wind. I thought for sure this would be a soggy day.

I crawled out of my tent expecting it to be wet and cloudy. But it was already dry, desert dry. Still, the air was bone cold. I walked out past our tents and the trees just a few yards to see John and his JetBoil making coffee. We warmed our hands on our mugs as the sun came up. It lit up the entire state as far as we could see.

I'm in awe of the beauty of Utah. We accidentally found ourselves up here in the BLM, camping on Mt Hillers in a spot called Start Springs. Chance, fate, luck, opportunity, God, life... Call it what you will, I'm blown away by the wonder of it all.

Now for the day ahead. Our plan is to ride the rest of the way to Moab today. We will do the Arches if the government will let us in. Then we will do a few more trails around Moab. We will end our day with a long ride south to Moki Dougway. It's supposed to be a trail to the top of the world where we can camp on a Mesa overlooking the canyons.


  1. Love these posts, MASH! I have driven, camped and hiked through Southern Utah and it is magical.... I am so pleased you are getting to experience such exquisite parts of this extraordinary planet...... I always dreamed of traveling through the area on a motorcycle and you are living the dream....... Thanks for sharing and BRAVO!!!!!!