Friday, October 4, 2013

Moab Diary Day Four: Hello Moab Goodbye

As soon as we saw the sign for Arches National Park, and the ranger sitting outside the chained gate, we knew Moab was over. We rode our motos through the crowded little town. We stopped to talk it through. After a minute we both looked at each other and knew... Goodbye Moab.

We split that over-crowded town and ripped out for a smaller spot where we could breathe again. The road leaving Moab was fast and cold. We got to a little town called Monticello, Utah just in time. It was freezing cold and the sun was setting. Decision time: camp or hotel.

We decided to stop at the first hotel which turned out to be an awesome idea. We got the last room! Plus, they had an indoor pool and jacuzzi. After cleaning up and taking a swim we ran across the street to grab dinner. On the road was a hint of what our night would have been like if we were camping... Snow!

Thank you Amex.

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  1. Fantastic pics!!!! So glad you rented a room....... Yes!