Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moab Prep: All Dressed Up And Ready To Go

OK, if you take a good look you'll see some of the cool little additions I've made to my bike. Starting at the front I added the tool tube just under the crash bars. It's a 3-inch PVC tube with screw caps on the end and it holds all my tools.

Also attached to the crash bar on the left side is my sons GoPro camera. It's a cool angle and I can grab some photos and video without looking like a kook with a GoPro on my helmet.

Up on top I picked up a Nelson Rigg tank bag. It's nice and small and fits all my stuff perfectly. It's a suction cup attachment and I added a little bungee cord in front just in case. It also allows me to plug in my iPhone charger.

Moving back behind the seat I've attached my Wolfman dry bag. I can fit all my clothes, tent, pad and sleeping bag inside. And it straps down easily. Since everything fits inside I don't have to bring my side panniers. This cuts 25 lbs of extra weight and I feel skinny. Stoked.

Behind my bag you'll see my Pelican top case. I bought a motorcycle luggage net which hooks on top and holds my mandolin perfectly. All my camping gear, stove, propane, food and water fit inside my top case.

And I bolted a fuel canister to the back which I can easily remove, fill up with some gas and take along when we head out into the desert. It's not a lot of fuel, but it will get me an extra 15 miles in case I run out of gas.

And that's it!! All my gear, light and tight. Can't wait to hit the road.

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  1. You brought a mandolin with you........ You ROCK! Nice touch, Mash! Did you write any tunes........ Did you lay down some sweet mando tunes or did you find an electric guitar at the hotel and play some Rock N Roll Voodoo among the Hoodoo's.......either way, Southern Utah heard some sweet music all around them.......